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IP67 Fibre Waterproof Cable Connectors

IP67 LC Cable Connector Assembly

IP67 LC Cable Connector Assembly, Plastic, 1M, SY2510

£21.40 + VAT (Free Delivery For All Orders Over £200)

IP67 LC In-Line Receptacle Assembly

IP67 LC In-Line Receptacle Assembly, Plastic, 1M, SY2511C

£21.80 + VAT (Free Delivery For All Orders Over £200)

IP67 LC Panel Mount (Rear Nut)

IP67 LC Panel Mount (Rear Nut), Plastic – SY2512/SLC

£6.80 + VAT (Free Delivery For All Orders Over £200)

Explore our range of IP67 rated waterproof connectors, including IP67 connectors for optimal connectivity.

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