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9 Pins to 50 Pins Standard Sub D Connectors

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High Density Solder Socket | Machined Contacts



High Density Solder Socket, Stamped



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Machined Solder Socket



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Stamped Solder Socket


Looking for a reliable solution for electronic interconnects? Look no further than D Sub Connectors available at Component Buddy! Although an older version of connectors, they offer fully shielded, secure, and organised transmission of power and data. These connectors were a standard for communication protocols, including RS-232, RS-422, RS-499, and VGA. These connectors are used in various applications, from electronic automotive systems to medical devices. Also, they are suitable for environments where ingress protection and mechanical shock or vibration are demanding.

Available in different sizes and termination types such as solder cup, solder pin, crimped, and IDC choices, depending on the model. Sizes start from 9 pins and go up to 50 pins

Component Buddy offers an extensive selection of D Sub Connectors in various sizes, including Standard Density connectors (with pin counts ranging from 9 to 50 and a current capacity of 5 amps per contact, supporting data rates up to 5 Gbps), Power (Combo-D) configurations (with high current contacts that carry up to 40 amps, available in various configurations), High-Density connectors (with shell sizes same as standard D-Subs, accommodating higher pin counts ranging from 15 to 78 contacts, with a current capacity of 3 amps per contact, and slightly degraded data rates), and Micro-D connectors (one-third the size of standard & high-density D-Sub connectors, designed for compact applications, with a current capacity of 1 amp per contact). So, visit Component Buddy now to explore our wide range of D Sub Connectors!

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