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Waterproof Connectors

Reliable Connectivity Even in Rugged Environment


Buy RJ45 IP67 Plug Kit


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In-Line Cable Connectors Female – SP29 Series


IP67 HDMI Cable Connector Assembly

IP67 HDMI Cable Connector Assembly, Plastic, 1M


IP67 HDMI Panel Mount

IP67 HDMI Panel Mount (Rear Nut) | Plastic


IP67 LC Cable Connector Assembly

IP67 LC Cable Connector Assembly, Plastic, 1M


IP67 LC In-Line Receptacle Assembly

IP67 LC In-Line Receptacle Assembly, Plastic, 1M


IP67 LC Panel Mount (Rear Nut)

IP67 LC Panel Mount (Rear Nut), Plastic



IP67 Panel Mounted RJ45 Receptacle


IP67 RJ45 Panel Mount

IP67 RJ45 Panel Mount (2 Hole Flange), Plastic


P67 RJ45 Panel Mount (Front Nut)

IP67 RJ45 Panel Mount (Front Nut), Plastic


IP67 RJ45 Plug Kit

IP67 RJ45 Plug Kit, Plastic


IP67 USB cable connector assembly

IP67 USB Cable Connector Assembly, Plastic, 1M


Waterproof RJ45 Connector | SP11, SP13, SP17, SP21, SP 29, SF12 Connectors

In harsh and unpredictable environments, waterproof RJ45 connectors provide reliable connections for various applications. Engineered to transcend conventional limitations, these connectors can withstand the elements, offering robust protection against moisture, dust, and harsh environmental conditions. Crafted with durable materials and precision engineering, waterproof RJ45 connectors allow uninterrupted connectivity even in the most demanding settings.

Versatile Applications

From outdoor setups enduring rain and extreme temperatures to industrial applications navigating challenging conditions, waterproof RJ45 connectors’ resilience remains unwavering, maintaining seamless connections amidst adversity.

Sealed for Excellence

Featuring impeccable sealing mechanisms, the waterproof RJ45 connector creates a secure barrier against oil and water ingress, safeguarding connections and preserving data integrity. With an IP68 protection rating, they can resist temporary immersion in water and dust. These features allow consistent performance, making it an ideal choice for critical networking needs.

Universal Compatibility

Adhering to industry standards, our waterproof RJ45 connectors maintain compatibility across various networking devices and infrastructures. Its standardised design allows uniform integration, offering universal adaptability for diverse networking setups.

Experience Unmatched Reliability

With our waterproof RJ45 connector, reliability knows no bounds. Whether it’s outdoor networking, industrial machinery, or mission-critical systems, trust our connectors to deliver steadfast connections in diverse rugged settings.

Enhance Your Connectivity

Upgrade your networks and secure uninterrupted connections with waterproof RJ45 connectors, regardless of the environmental challenges.

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